Be prepared to be WOWED!

As the Artistic Director of Color WOW, I’m very proud to preview a clip of one of the products within the line targeting those frustrating grey roots! One or probably the only reason people sit in my chair is to cover up their grey, but now you don’t have to do so too often. This Root Cover Up is the perfect in between salon tool that instantly cover grey with no gunky feel and it allows your hair to move and shine! It is also water resistant and lasts shampoo to shampoo. If you’re a high maintenance girl, then this is the solution for you!
For more info please visit Color WOW and discover the solutions to all problems we deal with when coloring our hair.

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ALLURE rates me 5 stars

Hi everybody

I’m excited to announce that Allure magazine mentioned me on their directory at their January issue. I feel very grateful of all the press I’ve been getting lately and I’d like to share this special moment with all of you!
I know I haven’t blogged much recently but that’s because the holidays are a very busy time for me at the salon but I’m back now and will keep you informed of the latest trends in hair. The award season is about to start and I’ll be on the look out for great hair moments. Wish you all a 2013 full of LOVE, HOPE, HEALTH, JOY and SUCCESS.
Stay tuned for more soon!
Denis De Souza

ALLURErising star

Are you loosing hair or feel like your hair is weak? Biotin is a great solution!

What does biotin do and how does it benefit your body and hair? If you’re wondering about the benefits of biotin, you’ve come to the right place.

Biotin is one of the important nutrients in the group of B-vitamins. Biotin benefits for your health include stronger and healthier hair, prevention of hair loss, stronger nails and healthy skin. Sometimes called vitamin H or vitamin B7, biotin is found naturally in many foods and it is also available as a supplement.

What Does Biotin Do?

biotin vitamins for hairBiotin is involved in many important body functions. An adequate amount of biotin benefits the hair, the bones and the health of the skin, the eyes and the liver. Like many B-vitamins, biotin is also important for the nervous system. It is involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids (protein) and in the body’s energy production.
Some studies have found biotin supplements helpful for strengthening brittle and weak fingernails. One of the most discussed benefits of biotin is its ability to make the hair stronger and healthier. In fact, it is considered one of the very best vitamins for hair loss.

Biotin Benefits for Your Hair

Biotin benefits the hair in many ways and it does this by helping the production of keratin. This protein is responsible for giving the hair its structure and rigidity. Biotin is especially useful if your hair is weak, fine or dry. It can help to improve the quality of your hair, to reduce the amount of split ends, and to make sure the hair does not break easily. It can also be helpful against hair loss.

Dry and weak hair and nails can be early signs of biotin deficiency. A serious biotin deficiency can eventually cause hair loss. Making sure you get enough biotin in your diet or from supplements can be one way to prevent baldness and hair loss. Biotin supplements may also be useful for those who already suffer from hair loss as they can help the growth of new, healthy hair. biotin side effects are very rare because it’s a substance your body naturally produces.Biotin is used in many supplements and hair care products to prevent the hair from drying, to increase elasticity (which helps to prevent the hair from breaking) and to make the hair appear thicker and fuller. As well as taking biotin in supplement form and making sure your diet contains enough biotin-rich foods, you can experiment with some of the many biotin hair growth shampoos and other hair care products on the market.

How to Get Enough Biotin

Your body cannot store this water soluble vitamin, so you will need to get it from your diet. Biotin is found in a range of foods, including the following:

  • Liver
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Egg yolks
  • Nuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Legumes
  • Bananas

Biotin deficiency is not very common in healthy people with a normal, balanced diet. However, taking vitamin supplements can be a good idea if you want to enjoy certain biotin benefits for your health, including stronger, healthier hair.

Hope this helps!!!

Hair color for every decade: 60’s



Women in their 60s should avoid monochromatic colors as it can really wash you out and be aging. Rich, subtle highlights can bring life and vitality into your features and shave off years.

Susan Sarandon – her stunning red look accentuates her skin tone and lovely features, and her subtle highlights are not heavily contrasted but really add depth and dimension to her hair.

Susan Sarandon

Meryl Streep – her lovely ash blonde shines against her skin and adds a wonderful glow to her skin.

Meryl Streep

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When women reach their 50s, they can be going through a variety of life-changes, from having an empty nest to competing with younger women in the workplace. The key to hair color in your 50s is to not look dated but not to try to look like a 20-something either. Women should generally try to go a bit lighter to soften their features, as dark hair like Mila Kunis’ can sometimes look a bit harsh.

Madonna – she is known for her constant reinvention of herself, including her hair color. After years of experimentation, she seems to gravitate to her current golden blonde, which is fantastic against her skin tone and less aging than a darker shade.Madonna

Jennifer Grey- looks fantastic with her sunkissed highlights, which really help to brighten up her skin tone and soften up her features. The lighter but not too drastic ends give her a beautiful youthful glow and make her eyes sparkle!
Jennifer Grey


Hair color for every decade: 50’s

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Hair color for every decade : 40’s


Once women hit their 40s, they really know themselves and what looks best on them. 40something women really embrace their personalities and exude self-assuredness, and their hair color can be an extension of that. Additionally, women should not be afraid of color in their 40s, especially if they are going gray.

Kate Walsh – Perfect for her youthful personality, Kate has a gorgeous head of red hair. She keeps away from the blue reds and instead has more of a natural red, copper-like tone. Women this age should go for something warmer that softens the facial lines. Red is the hardest color to keep fresh because it fades faster then any other color – regular touch ups and glosses are a must, so consider that if you’re contemplating going red.

Kate Walsh

Elle MacPherson – her long, beachy waves and sun-kissed color perfectly complement the beautiful Aussie laid-back persona she has really cultivated for all these years. Her glossy caramel color really complements the golden glow she has, and accentuates her age-defying features!

Elle MacPherson

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Hair color for every decade: 30’s


Women in their 30s are starting to really come into their own, and tend to be very career-oriented. This is the age where start to really define their own style, and their hair color can really reflect this confidence.

Rachel Bilson – she is a true fashionista, and very in tune with herself and the style she is portraying. She wears the ombre look really well, and actually was a trendsetter for the style. The ombre look is very bohemian, which really reflects her true style.

Rachel Bilson

Nicole Richie – she has a great golden glow to her skin, and she really embraces and accentuates that with a honey color base and golden highlights throughout that blend in really seamlessly.

Nicole Richie

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Hair color for every decade : 20’s


Women in their 20’s can be more brazen and edgy with their hair colors, and not be afraid to take some risks. This is the perfect age to experiment with hair color.

 Ashlee Simpson – her bright blonde is very striking and perfectly suited for her youthful age. It beautifully contrasts her striking green eyes for a very bold and stunning look.


Mila Kunis – she has stunning features, and looks gorgeous with the “new ombre,” a more current take on the ombre, where the line of demarcation is less noticeable. She has dark hair naturally, and the fine highlighting adds dimension, shine, and texture to make her hair look less flat, as well as bring out her beautiful skin tone. Her highlights were done very fine, with lots of them placed throughout the hair from the root to the end, which is why it blends in so well.


Welcome to my blog

I was born and raised in Brazil, where I would see women with beautiful, sun-kissed strands from days spent on the beach, and loved the natural beauty of this look. As I grew, my passion for both beauty and style never waned, and I found myself working in retail, where I just loved playing with everyone’s hair! It began to click for me that working creatively was really the field I wanted to pursue, and I obviously loved hair!

I began working at the highly renowned John Frieda salon, training under the amazing colorist Jonathan Gale, where I really began to come into my own color wise and develop a true style and signature look. I soon began incorporating my Brazilian background into my color to create a sexy, sun-kissed bohemian color. I first became noticed for this gorgeous shade when I gave the lovely Rachel Bilson her now iconic ombre color.
The technique I do is where beautiful dark blondes or brunettes have a lighter hair color without changing the natural color or making it appear brassy.  Essentially, it’s just highlights, but I lighten the ends a little bit more, making them brighter and very exotic – think Gisele Bundchen after a week-long vacation at the beach.
I now work at the illustrious Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, where my client list has grown to include beauties like Mila Kunis, Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, Rashida Jones and Lucy Hale just to name a few. I also frequently get called upon by top magazines like Vogue, People, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Allure for my color tips and trend predictions. I love to help people achieve their best hair and look, which is why I started this blog! I want to share with all of you the latest hair news, how to get perfect color, and  help everyone look their best! I am so looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of hair with you. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!
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